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I once heard a quote that inspired me: “Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness”.

A firm belief in this wisdom and a true passion for the artistry and romance it invokes turned the course of my life towards my overriding love – photography.

I am a storyteller, one who aims to capture the spirit of my clients in a way that gives the world an insight into their true identity in a natural and authentic way. Specialising in fine art boudoir and wedding photography, I view myself as an artist whose medium is romantic and sensual imagery that elevates the mind and soul in the same way as the paintings and sculptures of old.

Now based in Devon, I combine NATURAL LIGHT and traditional FILM photography to capture the beautiful details that create breathtaking pictures: the movements, the surroundings, and the interactions. The genuine smiles, the thoughtful expressions, and the meaningful gestures are my magical ingredients – the components I use to immortalise a particular moment or capture the unique personality of the individual.

I achieve this by shooting continuous film. This allows me to go back, to reflect, and to create that perfect shot; one that is ORGANIC, TANGIBLE and REAL. This way, I can focus on freezing forever those beautiful seconds in time between a loving couple, a family or best friends.

The aesthetic I strive for is that of traditional photography: elegant, artistic, yet naturally beautiful. The film I use and the photographs I produce help me with this, lending an exquisite grain to the icons of femininity and couples in love who are celebrated within my works. They are made soft and luminous, with the subjects brought to the fore in all their organic glory.

That’s what my artistry is all about: celebrating this INNATE BEAUTY. I believe that every woman should see herself as others do, so much lovelier than she imagines herself to be. In this way, her confidence is elevated by my shots and I know that I have achieved something exquisitely special, offering prints to be treasured for a lifetime.

Let me use my passion to capture yours! 

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