9 tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session

The summer is here and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about your boudoir session. As your face and body will be the main focus of this type of shoot, don’t overlook the importance of good preparation! The final result of your images will largely depend on how well you prepare for the day. There are many more things to consider in terms of preparation, but I feel these are the most important ones before you even start applying makeup.


1. Prepare your skin. Whether you’re going to do your own makeup or use a MUA, remember to exfoliate your skin. To finish it off, apply a moisturiser to your face, neck and eye area. You could also use a deep-cleansing facial mask couple of days before the shoot that will make your skin look and feel more refreshed. Also, don’t forget to groom the areas of your face (especially eyebrows and upper lip area) the day before, so your skin doesn’t look red or swollen during the shoot. This is very important, as every little imperfection will show and you don’t want to end up with unwanted hair, flaky skin and uneven makeup, especially when some of the shots will be focused around your face.

2. Prepare your lips. This is often overlooked, as you either don’t always think about your lips or lacking knowledge, but you should definitely show them some love! There are number of ways to exfoliate your lips which you can find here and here, but if you don’t have any of the ingredients to hand, a simple toothbrush – lip balm/olive oil/butter combo will do.

3. Shape your eyebrows. Uneven or shapeless eyebrows will become even more noticeable in a photograph when your face is the centre of attention. Eyebrows frame your eyes and convey emotion. They can also make you look more youthful when done correctly, so it’s very important not to skip this step and groom your eyebrows before taking any photos, preferably not on a day of your shoot!

4. Brighten your eyes. Use eye drops to get rid of any red lines in your eyes. To remove or reduce yellow in the whites of your eyes, use these blue eye drops to make them sparkle and look more youthful. You can also make your eyes look bigger and clearer by using a little white shadow on the inside corners of both eyes. This will make you look bright, awake, and alert in your photos!


5. Don’t forget your smile! If your teeth are far from white, it is a good idea to whiten them for a brighter and more youthful appearance, as the chances are they will be the centre of attention in close up shots. If your teeth are sensitive and you can’t use regular whitening products, try this whitening toothpaste and enjoy a brighter smile in just one week (yes, you have to plan ahead!). If it’s already too late for whitening, avoid lipsticks in warmer tones, as these will emphasise or even exaggerate the yellowness in your teeth. Go for cooler tones instead.

6. Dye your hair well in advance. If you’ve decided to change your hair colour and booked to visit the hair stylist a day before your shoot, I advise you re-schedule your appointment for an earlier date – ideally a week before the session. That way if something goes wrong, you still have time to get it fixed.

7. Take care of your nails. Your hands will be the main focus in many shots, so make sure they look neat. The same rule applies to your feet.

8. Choose your outfit wisely. Go for a piece you feel comfortable wearing, not the one that is totally out of your comfort zone, otherwise you’ll look and feel awkward. If lace is not your cup of tea, choose something that is. It can be absolutely anything – from your favourite blanket to your boyfriend’s shirt… The point is, it doesn’t have to be a super sexy piece of lingerie or see-through dress. Discuss different ideas and options with your photographer.

9. Get plenty of rest! We all know that makeup can do wonders, but nothing can replace a good night’s sleep. If you feel tired during your session, it will show and the end result might not be as expected. So skip that film you were going to watch or a night out with your girlfriends to ensure you look and feel fresh the next day – you’ll thank yourself later.

But above all, remember that “Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes!” – Sophia Loren.

On the other hand, pampering can do wonders to your self esteem, so it works both ways. To continue the topic, next time I’ll be sharing some makeup tips and tricks that will help you to prepare for your boudoir (or any other) shoot.

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