Best Time To Have A Boudoir Session

Would you like to have a boudoir session done? When I ask this question, I often get a funny look. I normally start laughing because I know exactly what people are then thinking. To be honest, if someone asked me the same question 10 years ago, my reaction would’ve been exactly the same. Back then, word ‘boudoir’ had a totally different meaning to me, and my guess is, it associates with something dirty for many even now.

Plymouth Boudoir & Portrait Photographer
Plymouth Boudoir & Portrait Photographer

The good news is, you have a choice as there are different types of boudoir photography –  from heavily staged (involves various costumes and props) to a more natural and subtle type which I prefer. The main emphasis here is on your natural beauty, emotion, mood and detail, such as texture of a lace gown or underwear, hand gestures, curves of your body, the setting you’re in etc…  It’s never forced or overly sexual. It’s pure, elegant, romantic, sensual and subtle. 

Women (including myself) have a tendency to overthink things. I often get ‘I’m not ready yet’ type of answer when I offer a boudoir shoot for when I want to experiment with something or just because… If you think you need to lose weight, tone your body or change something else before you can have a boudoir session, you really DON’T!


  • Whatever size you are right now, it’s an important stage of your life just like any other. Couple of inches smaller or 5 pounds lighter might make you feel a bit better about yourself, but they won’t be very noticeable in your boudoir images. Plus, if you keep postponing your shoot until you’ve reached your ideal weight, it may never happen. You are beautiful just the way you are, so CELEBRATE IT!
  • Even if you finally manage to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you’ll FEEL READY! You may find that your boobs are saggy now or the loose skin around your waist doesn’t look very attractive… There will always be something and it’s all in your head.
  • A boudoir session will INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE levels and MOTIVATE you to make that change anyway. Then you can have another session to celebrate your achievement.
  • It’s just another excuse and you know it! How many times have you promised to lose weight, start exercising, quit sugar or make more time for yourself? You know where I’m going with this…
Plymouth Fine Art Boudoir Photography
  • You don’t need a sexy lingerie set for your boudoir session because YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING you like. A favourite winter jumper, your boyfriend’s shirt, a piece of fabric… anything goes and is far more fun, creative and versatile than a piece of underwear. 
  • Too pale in winter months? Guess what? No matter how light your skin appears to you, it has a beautiful tone to it and WILL LOOK GORGEOUS in photos! As a matter of fact, I will never advise you getting a tan for your shoot.
  • If you’re worried you’ll come across as trashy and unprofessional, let me stop you there. It all depends on who you decide to work with. CHOOSING THE RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER for such intimate shoot like boudoir is especially important. As mentioned earlier, I prefer elegant shots that will emphasise my subject’s delicate nature, her beauty and personality in the most natural and subtle way.

In other words, the best time for your boudoir session is NOWLike with everything in life, there’s always something in the way and you will always have this feeling of ‘not ready’. But when is it? You just have to give it a go, be more open-minded and treat it as an adventure. If you’ve never done it before, it will be one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have as a woman. You’ll gain a huge amount of confidence, will start feeling beautiful again and ready for new challenges.

What are your concerns regarding a boudoir session? What thoughts go through your mind at the thought of it? If you’ve had a boudoir session before, how was it like for you? Feel free to comment below.




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