My experience on the other side of the camera

I always wanted to have my own family shoot done, especially when I see so many beautiful family photos every day in my newsfeed on Facebook. I wanted to have beautiful family photos too but kept hesitating for various reasons. The most popular one ‘I’m too busy right now, maybe next summer when the weather is nice.’ The next summer comes and I have another excuse: ‘It’s not the right time, I need to drop a few pounds’ or The summer is cold this year, I’ll wait for another one’. We all do this. Too many maybes and somedays… So I’ve decided to stop making endless excuses and just make it happen. The most important step was to find the right photographer and send an enquiry. This wasn’t hard as I already knew who I wanted to work with. When Renata of Renata Fry Photography agreed to photograph my family, I was over the moon! And when she suggested Bantham beach for the shoot (sunset on the beach, dunes and all), I started visualising how amazing it’s going to be and had a clear plan in my head.

As a photographer myself, I thought the planning of the shoot should be a breeze because I know all about preparation from A to Z. I know how to choose outfits, what colours to wear, which ones to avoid, how to pose etc etc…  But in reality it was far from easy.

I spent days, if not weeks, looking for a perfect floaty dress that would add a sense of movement and great effect to the photos, as well as make me look and feel more feminine, summery and beautiful… Then I thought of a top with a beautiful texture (i.e. lace) as an alternative. With the amount of lacy outfits to choose from on the high-street and online shops this shouldn’t be difficult, right? Not if you are as picky as I am… There’s always something wrong with the texture, colour, pattern, length, size or shape – you name it. I encountered the same issues with the outfits for my kids. As it was the end of the summer, there was not much choice in terms of summer outfits, but we got there in the end.

Apart from all the stress that went into the majority of our experience – the preparation stage, we finally made this happen and that’s what counts. Little details will fade away with time, but these images will stay with us forever as a reminder of a special bond we have as a family. We will never forget how much fun we had on this beautiful summer day in a stunning setting of Bantham beach and how important it is to spend quality time with your loved ones. Renata is a very lovely woman, as well as a great photographer, and she did a wonderful job at making us feel relaxed and comfortable during our session. We can’t thank her enough for all the effort she’s put into creating these beautiful memories for us…

If you ever thought about a shoot for yourself or your family, but never got around to actually doing it, just remember:

There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them!”

So stop making excuses and just do it! You’ll have so much fun, I promise.

Below are the images from our beautiful family shoot. Enjoy! x



Photo – Renata Fry Photography

Makeup – Molly Russell MUA

Location – Bantham beach

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