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I’m sure you know that if you want to achieve great results (whether it’s a test, an exam, an art project or something else), good preparation is key! Photo shoots are no different, and for us – ladies – it’s even more important because we always want to look our best. After all, we don’t have our photos done professionally very often so it’s worth making a little bit more effort for the occasion. To make your experience easier, I always suggest having your makeup done by a makeup artist (just ask your photographer for recommendations or they might be able to find one for the shoot), but if you prefer doing it yourself, below are some tips which will help you to look and feel your best during your photo session.

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1. Apply your makeup in natural light. Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your makeup, causing you to apply it too heavily, although you can get away with a little bit more makeup than you would normally use. Be sure to experiment beforehand to find the right balance because too much foundation can emphasise your wrinkles making you look older than you really are. This is important if your shoot will take place during daytime and no flash will be used.

2. Emphasise your eyes and make them pop. Best way to make your eyes stand out is to use black eyeliner and black mascara. Keep it simple by creating a thin liner for best results. It’s OK to extend the liner slightly but steer clear of cat eyes and long extended liners or you end up looking tacky. Most of girls use eyeshadows to enhance their eye colour, but what you should really be thinking about is how to make the whites of your eyes pop. You can achieve that by lining inside of your waterline with a green pencil. This little trick makes the whites brighter and it works with all eye colours. Finally, don’t forget to curl your lashes, as this will open up your eyes. If you decide to add extra eyelashes, choose the ones that look most natural. You can also cut them in half and glue on the outer corners only. 

3. Add some colour to your cheeks. Use a medium pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to shape your face and make it look more 3-dimentional. If you’re not sure which shade you should choose, pick the one that is closest to the colour of your cheeks when you’re naturally blushing.

4. Fill in your eyebrows with the right colour. You’ve probably mastered the whole brow grooming routine but are you using the right colour for your eyebrows?

  • If you’re a natural brunette and dye your hair blond, go for a brunette pencil that is closest to your natural colour. The only thing to keep in mind though that a cool grey cast tends to be the most flattering.
  • If you’re a natural blonde and dye your hair dark, you a pencil that is a shade or two darker than your natural hair.
  • If you dye your hair auburn, do NOT use a matching pencil for your eyebrows. It’s more about warming the brow base to balance the look. A warm medium brown pencil is a perfect choice for you.

And if you want to make your brow-filling routine even easier, I suggest you get a WUNDERBROW – a new product on the market that will become your new best friend. It is waterproof, naturally looking, easy to apply product which will last until you decide to remove it. What not to like?

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5. Use yellow-tinted powder. If you want to look great in photos, it is better to go for yellow-tinted powder than shimmery or translucent one, as these will reflect the light leaving you with a shine and looking washed out. I’m sure this is not the look you would want to create for your photos.

6. Go for matte look. A little glow on your face is nice, but too much shimmer will make your face look oily and washed out. Your best bet is to go matte. Here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve the look.

7. Define your lips by adding some colour. You can achieve a more natural and youthful look by using a lipgloss. You can dab some lipstick over it with your fingertips for deeper colour. If you prefer a more defined look, use a matching or slightly lighter pencil to outline your lips, but don’t overdo it! I personally like using a pencil after I’ve applied my lipgloss. This way my lips look more natural. If your teeth are far from white, try to avoid warmer tones as they will make your teeth look even yellower. Go for cooler tones instead.

Hope these tips are helpful and feel free to share your own tips in the comments below. If you missed my previous post on preparation, you can find it here.




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