DELIGHTFUL workshop is a ONE-TO-ONE experience for portrait & wedding photographers who want to transform their photography into a contemporary piece of art. This is a 6 hour course where you will learn everything you need to know on how to create light, airy and luminous portraits – a look favoured by modern brides and portrait clients – all in beautiful natural light! If you’ve been trying to achieve this look but found yourself struggling, this is a great opportunity to make that change for good!

You will also receive feedback on your current work, advice on how to make improvements in order to achieve desired look to your images which you will be able to re-create over and over again. Because creating consistent body of work is very important in order to attract the right type of clients and establish yourself as an artist.


  • you are not getting consistent results
  • you know you’re doing something wrong but not sure what and therefore how to fix it
  • you are not sure how to create a well composed image – it just happens by chance
  • you are not sure how to direct your subject
  • you would like to capture real emotion but it’s just not happening

This is a ONE-TO-ONE tuition that will consist of a beautifully styled bridal or boudoir shoot and will be tailored to your specific needs – a great opportunity to get all your questions answered and to receive full attention. And best of all, you won’t be sharing the shoot with anyone else! 


  • how to pose your subjects for most beautiful, flattering and natural results
  • how to create and capture emotion
  • how to tell a story
  • how to identify a good light
  • what to do if the lighting situation isn’t ideal
  • best composition practices
  • how to find your creative flair and vision plus more…

This is a hands-on experience and you will be shooting for the majority of the day with a guidance, direction and support from me. You will learn how to create a stunning set of images that have natural and honest feel to them and tell a story in the most beautiful way that you’ll be able to achieve when combining new techniques with the skills you already have. You will be able to use the images for your portfolio and/or publication straight away (a model release will be provided). 


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I look forward to meeting you!

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